Roadburn 40:Over the hill…..and far away

After several years of contemplating the most appropriate way to celebrate transitioning into my fortieth year of life, we’ve arrived at base camp in Dundee, Scotland.

When calculating what would make up the most appropriate celebration, the same words kept surfacing in our conversations.  Family, friends, travel, music…..and….uh…Led Zeppelin.  One idea Led (sorry) to the next and eventually we had ourselves a rough sketch of several music related landmarks that were important in our rock n roll education.  The circles on the map represented the bands, the albums, the tracks, the artwork and design, the technology and the locations involved in creating high voltage music that carved itself into our DNA.

So, stop by and check in on our RnR travel log.   We’ll be on tour for the next 45 days, the last 2 weeks consisting of a visually stunning exclamation point to the trip.

The Hibbotte Road Crew

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